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Issues and things to do

  • It's extremely rudimentary
  • The current level of testing on ATI cards is low
  • It probably screws up multihead systems (not having one it's hard to tell)
  • Requires a video card supporting non-power of two non-square textures (life's too short to support obsolete hardware). If you don't have this hardware it will likely crash.
  • No playlists. Implementing them actually completely sucks, due to the fact that for some files I don't know they're a playlist until I actually feed them to DirectShow.
  • I'm a complete nub at Direct3D and DirectShow, and as such the code is probably rather rough
  • The icon is pissweak
  • Overlay support may be useful for "theater mode" in NVidia and ATI video cards
  • Support DVDs (use the special API)
  • Support playing from URLs (needs a little dialogue box and full playlist support)

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